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Our Industrial Relations team provides a range of staffing services, such
as recruitment, career development and other support to strengthen the
workforce of Saudi Aramco and its affiliates. 
Our focus is on finding talented individuals for expatriate careers with
Saudi Aramco in Saudi Arabia. Our recruitment efforts are designed to
find talented professionals from a variety of fields to contribute to Saudi
Aramco’s vision of becoming a fully integrated global energy and chemicals
enterprise. In addition to expatriate recruiting, we look for professionals
to fill domestic positions with ASC throughout the U.S., including with
ASC’s three Aramco Research Centers in Houston, Detroit and Boston. Key
components of our recruiting are the dedicated websites
Jobs (for jobs with Saudi Aramco) and
(for jobs with ASC).
The Career Development Division (CDD) administers scholarship programs,
training and development assignments for Saudi Aramco employees and
company-sponsored students. CDD ensures that Saudi Aramco’s workforce
development objectives are aligned with the company’s efforts at enhancing
knowledge transfer and ensuring the professional growth of its workforce
across different functions and operations. CDD has relationships with more
than 160 universities in North America and approximately 50 companies
that serve as hosts for training assignments.
CDD strategically manages the placement of undergraduate and graduate
students at universities in North America and plays a key role in building
and strengthening relationships with universities and companies. CDD
advisors monitor the progress of more than 1,000 students and employees
on training assignments to ensure their academic and personal well-being
throughout the duration of their degree programs. Host companies offer
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