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training assignments in IT, project support, aviation and medical specialties,
and provide hands-on training opportunities for experienced and qualified
Saudi Aramco professionals. Saudi Aramco has a proud tradition of training
that has spanned more than 50 years. To assist Saudi Aramco in effectively
accomplishing its mission, CDD provides logistical, financial, and medical
support for all Saudi Aramco employees, students and their family members
who participate in the programs and training administered by CDD.
We coordinate and administer training programs for Saudi Aramco
professionals on assignment in North America in coordination with our
affiliate, Aramco Training Services Company. Since its inception in 1991,
more than 1,000 individuals from Saudi Aramco have participated in
the program, contributing to the activities of approximately 200 host
The ASC Industrial Relations team carries out a number of other services,
including administering benefits programs for ASC employees and
expatriate retirees; managing compensation and training and development
programs for U.S.-based employees; conducting background investigations
of employment candidates; and overseeing the management, maintenance,
operations and security of company facilities in North America.
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