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Our Public Affairs Department advances ASC’s commitment to being a
good corporate citizen through the corporate social responsibility program.
Outreach events and sponsorships are selected based on their ability to
positively impact the local community, increase knowledge in the arts and
sciences, or support environmental sustainability. This group also handles
public communications and marketing. The editorial team publishes and
supports the production of a variety of publications, including the award-
Saudi Aramco World
magazine, as well as technical and employee
Washington, D.C. Office
Our Washington, D.C. office conducts public affairs, community outreach
and economic analysis, and interacts with think tanks and universities on
topics of interest to the energy industry.
The Law Department provides assistance and advice to the management
of ASC and its subsidiaries and to Saudi Aramco’s Law Department on a
broad range of legal and tax matters. The department also manages legal
processes in the United States that involve ASC and its affiliates.
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