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Our Research & Development team is committed to supporting our parent
company, Saudi Aramco, with industry-leading research and partnerships,
which support our innovation-oriented culture and address energy research,
technology development, and upstream and downstream operational
We operate three U.S.-based research centers (RCs). The centers closely
align their goals with those of Saudi Aramco’s EXPEC Advanced Research
Center and its Research and Development Center.
The U.S.-based centers are located in Houston, Boston and Detroit.
The Houston Research Center focuses on six research fields spanning all
upstream disciplines and benefits from being located in a geographic center
for excellence for oil and gas research and development activities.
The Boston Research Center supports computational reservoir modeling,
nanotechnology and advanced separation technology systems.  It is located
adjacent to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), in
Cambridge, Mass.
The Detroit Research Center is involved in developing next-generation liquid
fuels and engine technologies for future global transportation needs.
The research centers will accelerate and expand the company’s capabilities
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