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Since ASC’s inception in the 1950s, we have evolved to meet the needs of
Saudi Aramco and the energy industry. To assist in those endeavors, the
company has established subsidiaries, including:
Saudi Petroleum International, Inc. (SPII)
Saudi Petroleum International, Inc. (SPII) provides petroleum marketing
and logistical services for Saudi Aramco, which supplies approximately 10
percent of total crude oil imports to the United States. Headquartered in
New York City, Saudi Petroleum arranges scheduling, loading, storage,
transportation and delivery of crude oil to refiners in the United States and
Saudi Refining, Inc. (SRI)
Saudi Refining, Inc. (SRI) headquartered in Houston, purchases and sells
crude oil in the U.S. market. SRI owns a 50/50 interest in Motiva Enterprises
LLC with a Shell Oil Company affiliate. Motiva refines, distributes and
markets petroleum products under the Shell brand in the Eastern half of
the United States. SRI supplies crude oil to Motiva. A recent expansion of
the Motiva Refinery, located in Port Arthur, Texas, makes it North America’s
largest oil refinery and one of the top 10 refineries in the world.
Aramco Training Services Company (ATSC)
Aramco Training Services Company (ATSC) directs a technical and
professional training program that helps place experienced Saudi
Aramco employees in U.S.-based companies and facilities for short-term
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