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Does having a representative in Saudi Arabia speed up the approval process?
Having a local representative in the Kingdom who can swiftly address Saudi Aramco’s requests can be of benefit, but is not necessary. A local representative can also act as a reliable communication channel and be an asset in developing a closer relationship with Saudi Aramco.
How often do the priorities for materials change?
The list of sourcing materials is dynamic and subject to periodic updates.
Can I still apply for registration even though I don’t make any priority materials?
Currently we approve only new sources of supply for items included on the priority list. Since the list is subject to periodic updates, your products have the potential to be listed in the next update. If your company offers products based on new or advanced technology, you can find out more information in our For Innovators section.
I have just become an approved supplier. What happens next?
When a specific requirement arises for the material you provide, you will be considered for the contract.
I am already an approved supplier. Can I extend my current approval range with additional commodities?
To increase the number of commodities you supply, each item must go through the required approval process.  Currently Saudi Aramco only approves new sources of supply for items included on the priority list. Since the list is updated periodically your products have the potential for inclusion in the next update..
What do the following abbreviations mean?
  • 9COM.  Saudi Aramco’s material classification system that describes a commodity or a class of materials, but not a specific item.
  • 9CAT. Specific items whose descriptions are maintained by Saudi Aramco in their catalogue.
  • OOK. Out of Kingdom
  • RSA. Responsible Standardization Agent
  • RVL. Regulated Vendor List
  • SAMSS. Saudi Aramco Material System Specification
Is a representative in Saudi Arabia required to do business with Saudi Aramco?
No, it is not.

Can I register if I am a Service Provider?
There is no general registration requirement at Aramco Services Company for service providers who are seeking to provide work that is based in the Western Hemisphere. The ultimate end user is based within Saudi Aramco and all approvals pertaining to contract development originate there. Saudi Aramco must pre-screen and technically qualify your organization as a service provider for relevant contracting work.
What if there are multiple manufacturing locations in the region? Does each plant need to be registered?
Each individual facility must go through the registration process in order to be approved in the Aramco system.
    Register a Product or Plant
    Register a Product or Plant

    If your company is able to provide one of the products on our list, we invite you to register today.