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Aramco Geoscientists Receive Awards at AAPG

Award winners (pictured left to right) Sa’id Hajri, Hussain M. Al-Otaibi and Abdulkader M. Afifi. Also pictured is AAPG President John Hogg (second from left).
A trio of prestigious awards for Saudi Aramco geoscientists provided a strong start for the company’s participation in the 2016 Annual Convention and Exhibition (ACE) of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG), June 19-22 in Calgary, Canada.

Winners from Saudi Aramco included:

Hussain M. Al-Otaibi, manager of Exploration Resource Assessment, was recognized with AAPG’s Honorary Member Award for distinguished service and devotion to the science and profession of petroleum geology and AAPG. His award citation read: “To Hussain M. Al-Otaibi, a great geoscientist and a visionary leader, leveraging his breadth of knowledge and depth of talent to establish the AAPG Middle East Region.” Al-Otaibi has contributed to the success of AAPG and professional organizations in the Middle East for more than 30 years.

Abdulkader M. Afifi, Red Sea Exploration Department, received an AAPG Distinguished Service Award and related citation: “To Abdulkader M. Afifi, in appreciation for two decades of continuous service to the AAPG and its Middle East Region, and for his life-long dedication to the science and profession of geology.” Afifi has more than 20 years of continuous service to AAPG, dating back to the Arab World Network, a predecessor to the Middle East Region of AAPG.

Sa’id Hajri, manager of Exploration Technical Services, received AAPG’s Distinguished Service Award for “sustained contributions to petroleum geoscience, leadership and outreach to future geoscientists that promote the globalization, diversity and success of AAPG.” Hajri has achieved a strong record of significant contributions to the Dhahran Geoscience Society, the AAPG’s Middle East Region, the AAPG Visiting Geoscientist Program, and the Imperial Barrel Award program.

During the 2016 Annual Convention and Exhibition Camilo Polo Camacho delivered a technical presentation. The event saw three winners from Saudi Aramco and a number of technical papers delivered by company employees.

Representatives from Saudi Aramco and Aramco Services Company (ASC) also supported other key areas of the conference, including:

Technical Presentation – Camilo Polo Camacho, geologist, Exploration Technical Services, discussed new interpretations of how some Permian sands were deposited in shallow marine environments.

Booth Presentation – Rawan M. Al-Asad, geologist, Red Sea Exploration, drew a standing-room only crowd for an in-booth presentation titled “Salt-Related Deformation in the Red Sea.”

Poster Presentation – Dawn Jobe, geologist with the Aramco Research Center - Houston, delivered a poster presentation covering research related to oil flow rates through micropores.

Recruiting – During the three-day exhibition, representatives of ASC Staffing Services and Upstream connected with more than 100 geoscientists with relevant qualifications and experience.

Imperial Barrel Award – Saudi Aramco provided sponsorship support for AAPG’s 2016 Imperial Barrel Award competition that challenges graduate students to develop exploration strategies based on their interpretation of seismic and other data. Gretchen Gillis, a geological consultant with ASC Upstream, served as one of five judges for the finalist presentations.

Student Career Seminar – Gillis also served as a panelist for a workshop that provided geology students and recent graduates with information about resume development, interviewing techniques and other employment-related topics.

Saudi Aramco Exhibit – As a major sponsor for AAPG’s exhibition, Saudi Aramco benefited from high visibility and a steady stream of industry professionals. The exhibit’s interactive display, ePosters and videos covered topics such as GeoDrone technology, unconventional exploration and the company’s Exploration Geoscience Development Program.

Saudi Aramco looks forward to celebrating AAPG’s 100th Anniversary at ACE 2017, April 2-5 in Houston.

Rawan M. Al-Asad delivers a technical presentation during the 2016 Annual Convention and Exhibition.


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