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Tree-Planting Tradition Continues at ASC

Aramco Services Company volunteers are pictured at previous tree-planting effortsAramco Services Company volunteers are pictured at previous tree-planting efforts.

Aramco Services Company (ASC) will continue its annual tree-planting tradition in one of Houston’s oldest parks.
ASC’s tree-planting day, set for Friday, Nov. 15, will bring thirty company volunteers to join with community members to plant trees in MacGregor Park, located on the southeast side of Houston. The park lost hundreds of trees two years ago in one of Texas’ worst droughts. Last year, ASC volunteers planted, staked and mulched 30 live oaks and loblolly pines in the park, which is adjacent to Brays Bayou near the Texas Medical Center. The trees were roughly 3 inches in diameter and about 15 feet tall.
This year, ASC is continuing its partnership with Trees For Houston to help the non-profit organization carry out its mission to preserve woodlands by planting trees throughout the greater Houston area.
ASC is focused on replanting trees at public parks and school grounds. Trees and other natural vegetation help keep the air clean, mitigate storm water run-off, cool the surroundings, and beautify neighborhoods.
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