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Trees for Houston

ASC presented with Arbor Day award

ASC accepts an Arbor Day award for helping reforest Houston’s MacGregor Park.

HOUSTON -- For years, ASC has been actively supporting local green initiatives, including tree-planting efforts in conjunction with the not-for-profit organization "Trees for Houston."

Employee volunteers have literally "dug in" to the task of planting hundreds of trees at strategic locations around the city -- illustrating the company’s strong commitment to environmental protection.

Trees for Houston recently presented ASC with an Arbor Award, which honors select individuals or corporations for making exceptional contributions to promote reforestation. This year's award recognized ASC for its leadership in restoring the landscape of MacGregor Park after the devastating droughts in Houston. The company made a donation in April 2012 -- in celebration of National Arbor Day -- and also provided volunteers that same year to help re-plant trees in the city’s 83-acre park.

Long-standing commitment to the environment

“We have a longstanding commitment to environmental efforts and Trees for Houston serves as a great example of what not-for-profits, companies, and dedicated employee volunteers can accomplish when working together,” said Ali Mutairi, director of ASC Public Affairs. “Our most recent effort to help revitalize Houston’s MacGregor Park was very rewarding. Our employees want to make a difference in the community and projects such as this give us the opportunity.”

Supporting Trees for Houston

The group of company volunteers planted about 30 large trees, with dozens pitching in to provide the “people power” to change the landscape of the park.

The 30-year old organization has planted more than 430,000 trees since it was formed.


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