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Aramco Powering Possibilities at SAE

Aramco served as a silver sponsor for the SAE High Efficiency IC Engine Symposium. Advanced research with engines and fuels is critical with new fuel economy standards, emissions control and other regulations to reduce the carbon footprint from transportation.

Aramco’s global fuels program was a natural fit for this year’s technical sessions during the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) World Congress & Exhibition held in Detroit in April.  The theme ‘powering possibilities’ tapped into new discoveries and technology trends at a time when there is heightened awareness globally for reducing the carbon footprint from transportation.  
Saudi Aramco's Research and Development Center (R&DC) joined colleagues from the Aramco Research Center—Detroit as well as the Aramco Fuel Research Center—Paris and academics from the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) to participate in panel discussions and keynotes exploring the adoption of efficient, sustainable and affordable transport solutions for the future. In all, there were 11 papers presented by Aramco authors and their co-authors at this event, one of the largest contributions from a single entity. 

Showcasing technology, innovation  
As an energy company with a deep understanding of how fuels are manufactured, Aramco's involvement provided perspective on how fuels and engines can be matched to create the fuels and engines of the future. 
“SAE provides the right venue to showcase our technical depth and commitment to fuel-engine matching innovation,” said David Cleary, leader of the Aramco Research Center—Detroit. Contributions from the global fuel technology team included peer-reviewing technical papers, organizing three sessions, publishing 11 technical papers, and providing two invited presentations this year to help increase Aramco's global visibility in fuels research.  
Advanced analyses of the engine fuel efficiency and the chemistry of fuel as it relates to fuel economy is one of the contributions of Aramco’s fuels technology program.  Ultimately, the goal is to develop more efficient engines.   

Aramco's global fuels program could be felt during this year's SAE with nearly a dozen technical papers , gold sponsorship and session organization. Aramco Representatives from Detroit, Dhahran, and Paris gathered for photo as well as colleagues from the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Thuwal.
Other topics such as the potential of novel advanced fuels, illustrates the depth and holistic approach Aramco is taking.  It also places the company in a position to impact global initiatives that reduce CO2 and other emissions driving more stringent requirements for the transportation sector. 
This was also the second year Aramco sponsored the Michigan Technological University (MTU) Advanced Motorsports Enterprise, a vehicle research program for students that is featured during SAE.  Students design, build, test, promote and race a vehicle within certain limits and budget.  The Aramco Research Center—Detroit and MTU partnership supports the development of young engineers in the areas in which the company conducts research.  

The Aramco Research Center—Detroit was officially inaugurated in November 2015 and its North American vantage point supports R&DC.   Fuel economy standards, emissions control and other regulations underline the importance of advanced research.  With strong technical participation this year from fuels researchers worldwide, the depth of Aramco's program could be felt within the automotive industry as it tackles the transportation challenges of the future.


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