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Aramco Highlights Innovation at ATCE

A team of Aramco engineers, scientists and researchers highlighted the company’s exploration and production accomplishments at the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE) that continue to bolster the company’s strong recovery rates — some of the highest in the industry.

The company gave nearly 20 presentations during the show’s technical program and within the Saudi Aramco exhibit booth. Taken together, they painted a picture of progress and innovation that is optimizing reservoir performance while protecting the environment.

New technologies — including those used to enhance subsurface imaging and well production — are emerging and capturing industry attention. The company is focused on bringing geophysics closer to the reservoir to improve data fidelity and resolution.

Papers presented during ATCE included “Water Content Effects on Dynamic Elastic Properties of Organic-rich Shale” representing work from the Aramco Research Center–Houston in collaboration with the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. The paper addressed water content or saturation as a key parameter in determining the strength of shales.

Also among the presentations were: “Proving the Concept of Unconventional Gas Reservoirs in Saudi Arabia through Multistage Fractured Wells," “Automated Workflow for Real-Time Reservoir Management in a Large Carbonate Field,” “New Insights about Acid Fracture Conductivity at Laboratory Scale,” and “Dynamic Water Injection Profiling in Intelligent Wells Using Distributed Acoustic Sensor with Multimode Optical Fibers.”

Additionally, the company participated in the SPE workshop series, providing a class on how to write a good technical paper.

Presentations at the exhibit booth highlighted our R&D centers, showcasing research advancements in the upstream and downstream sectors.

During the expo, Saudi Aramco and Aramco Services Co. representatives met with visitors interested in learning more about the company’s technology advances, job openings, and business opportunities.

SPE rotates this conference yearly between the Americas and other international regions, drawing participants from about 70 countries. Next year’s SPE ATCE will be held in Dubai.


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