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Galveston Bay Oyster Reef Restoration

ASC helps restore eco-balance in Galveston Bay by supporting oyster reef restoration

Always looking for ways to tie Saudi Aramco’s environmental stewardship message to projects in this part of the world - ASC found one such project in the Galveston Bay Foundation’s (GBF) Oyster Shell Recycling Program. 

As a result of Hurricane Ike that hit the Texas Gulf Coast in 2008, nearly 60 percent of Galveston Bay’s oyster reefs were destroyed as sediments from the storm deposited on reefs and smothered oysters. In some areas of the Bay, such as the East Bay, nearly 80 percent of its oyster reefs were lost. 

With oyster reefs creating such a critical marine habitat, GBF - with the help of sponsors like ASC - is working on oyster reef restoration activities such as oyster gardening, oyster reef construction and oyster shell recycling. 

Local area restaurants are involved and participate by recycling their discarded oyster shells which can be used in the reef restoration. 

Click here to learn about oyster reef restoration in a recent local TV news story discussing the project. Look carefully and you will see the distinctive ASC energy burst logo on the grey containers that are used to collect the shells. ASC is a proud sponsor of this project.  


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