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Deep Space, Deep Ocean Forum 2015

Space Age Technologies To Make Earthly Landing at Aramco Forum; Register Now


Aramco will host a unique forum this April that will give industry colleagues an opportunity to go “where no man has gone before” in the development of next generation technologies for operational excellence.

We’re talking about real Star Trek stuff here. The event, set for April 7-8, will include an all-star lineup of speakers primarily from the space and energy sectors. (See list below) Several of them were instrumental in the development of technologies for human space travel, Mars exploration, and a myriad of other discoveries that have contributed to the betterment of mankind.

What Do the Space and Energy Industries Have In Common?

Plenty it seems, as many space technologies used to secure operations in remote, unexplored territories are showing great promise when adapted for the oil and gas industry. Both industries, at times, operate in harsh conditions and thus share common challenges in protecting the people and assets involved.
The forum has been dubbed, “Deep Space, Deep Ocean: Exploring Crossover Technologies in the Space and Energy Sectors.” It will take place at The Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel & Convention Center, just north of Houston. The program will be of particular interest to O&G engineers, scientists, researchers, and reliability managers in both the upstream and downstream sectors.

NASA is involved in developing the program content, and plans to send a team of engineers, scientists and others to participate in the program. Current and former members of NASA’s executive leadership will also participate.
The forum is designed for professionals in the energy (upstream and downstream) and aerospace industries, particularly business leaders, engineers, scientists, researchers, IT/cybersecurity managers, reliability/asset managers, and entrepreneurs.  It is also designed for engineering services companies, the academic community, and others who lead technology innovation within these two industries.
As an industry leader, Aramco is hosting the forum as part of its mission to foster and promote operational excellence throughout the industry that leads to energy sustainability.

Program Overview

The two-day forum will include several general sessions, with keynotes serving on panels to discuss shared operational challenges between the space and energy industries and pathways to solve these challenges. They will also inform and inspire the audience on how they helped usher in a climate of innovative thinking within their organizations.
Five breakout sessions, or Deep Dives, will focus on Risk Management & Reliability, Robotics and Automation, Advanced Technologies & Materials, Synergy Between Industries, and Cybersecurity & Big Data Analysis.

What will go on in these sessions? For starters, NASA scientists will talk about space robots, and how they are being programmed to take on human tasks that are too dangerous for earthlings.  (A demonstration of these robots and other space vehicles will take place during the event.) 
There will also be a presentation on how 3D-Manufacturing can create fully functional “bionic-like” parts that can be delivered within days – a new technology that is far superior to traditional methods.   Additionally, new space-age technologies are greatly improving communication systems between command centers and their remote operations.
Discussions will also focus on how to avoid or respond to dangerous system failures through advanced reliability modeling and analysis technologies.
Another session will focus on how to provide medical care to workers at remote locations, with little to no resources available. Telemedicine is providing some answers. Wearable computers are becoming all the rage in the industry; those involved in their development will talk about their capability to provide just-in-time training.
Another topic that looms large on the world stage – cyber security – will be discussed. Experts will demonstrate how companies can employ the use of Big Data analytics to greatly improve their ability to safeguard critical infrastructure against cyber criminals, and also actually detect “secret” intrusions that may have already taken place.
And even more, water recycling will be addressed, as this precious resource is not only an essential element of life, but also critical to sustaining industry operations. Speakers will focus on water use, quality, treatment, disposal and availability.

These are just a few examples of the important topics that will be discussed throughout the two-day event.
If you are interested in being at one of the most fascinating tech events around, register now as space is limited.   
There are also opportunities to serve as a sponsor or exhibitor to showcase your organization before a top-tier group of participants.  You may also want to let others in your organization or industry groups know about the event.  An evening reception will be held on the first day of the forum, allowing participants to relax and talk about the day’s discoveries.

Join the crew on this special mission, then return with a toolkit of knowledge to help lead your organization into a new era of operational excellence and reliability. 
For questions about the forum, send an email to  If interested in serving as a sponsor or exhibitor, send an email to
Register online at

Deep Space, Deep Ocean Forum Keynote Speakers

Stephen J. Altemus, President, Intuitive Machines, LLC.; former NASA Johnson Space Center Deputy Director

John Bartos, Vice President, Development & Technology, Cameron

Julio C. Guerrero, Ph.D., Principal, R&D and Business Development, Energy Division, Draper Laboratory; ASME 2015-2016 president nominee

Ahmad O. Al Khowaiter, Chief Technology Officer, Saudi Aramco

William "Bill" Kline, Ph.D., Manager, Drilling and Subsurface Function, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company

Alan B. Lumsden, M.D., ChB, RVT, FACS, Medical Director, Methodist DeBakey Heart and Vascular Center

Robert "Bob" McGrath, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Georgia Institute of Technology; Director, Georgia Tech Research Institute

John M. Olson, Ph.D., VP, Sierra Nevada Corp.; Former Executive, NASA Headquarters; Assistant Director for Space and Aeronautics in the Office of Science and Technology Policy, The White House

Eric van Oort, Ph.D., B.J. Lancaster Professor in Petroleum Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin

Enrico Pisno, Head of Innovation, Chrysler Group LLC; Head of Research & Innovation, Fiat Group Automobiles

Douglas Terrier, Ph.D., Chief Technologist, NASA Johnson Space Center


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