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Foam Expo 2018

Aramco’s Converge® Polyols With Sustainability Features Now Market Ready

Aramco Performance Materials (APM) will participate in Foam Expo 2018, set for March 6-9 in Novi, Mich.   Foam Expo is a leading North American conference and exhibition for the technical foam manufacturing industry.
APM President Peter Shepard will update attendees on Converge® Polyols technology and product advances within flexible foam applications, addressing the performance benefits for the end-user along with highlighting Aramco’s scale-up of the technology – making it market-ready today.  Shepard will present during the Day One Sustainability Track Panel Discussion titled “Evaluating Developments in the Polycarbonate (CO2) Polyols Market for the Polyurethane Industry.”
Since its public debut at Foam Expo last year, APM has attracted significant interest from major U.S. and global polyurethane manufacturers as well as fabricators and end-users looking for strong product performance with improved sustainability features.  The use of waste CO2 as a main feedstock, combined with its unique chemical backbone, differentiates Aramco’s Converge polyols from conventional polyols.  The product offers improved performance with a reduced carbon footprint. 
Over the past year, APM researchers further developed the product performance characteristics, such as load bearing.  Converge polyols are well suited to applications requiring increased comfort or reduced noise, vibration and harshness, particularly in the transportation industry.  In addition, APM has been supporting new specialized applications for customers and refining its Converge manufacturing processes.

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