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Saudi Aramco World online in Spanish, Chinese

Found in Translation: Saudi Aramco World online in Spanish, Chinese

HOUSTON - The award-winning Saudi Aramco World magazine published by Aramco Services Company (ASC) has reached a new milestone in its history with articles from the current March/April edition available online in two foreign languages - Chinese and Spanish. Until now, the magazine was an English-only publication. 

The translation initiative, strongly supported by ASC President Ahmed Alzayyat, reaffirms the commitment of the magazine to be a global publication dedicated to broadening the knowledge of the cultures, history, and geography of the Arab and Muslim worlds and their connections to the West. Saudi Aramco World has 165,000 subscribers worldwide and is frequently sought out by educators as a resource and teaching tool in the classroom. 

The magazine’s dedicated website has many interactive features, including virtual walking tours and podcasts, and an extensive, publicly available digital photo archive with images available for download. The addition of the article translations represents a step change in the publications outreach to its readers. Icons of the flags of China and Spain are highlighted in the upper right hand corner of the screen and appear for articles that available in those languages. Readers “click” on the icons which takes them to their language of choice. While two languages are initially available, plans call for two more to be added with the upcoming May/June issue - Japanese and Korean. 

“This initiative is in support of Saudi Aramco’s growing focus on business in the Far East, and in alignment with ATP, which calls for us to strengthen our global presence and distinguish ourselves as a leading energy company,” said Robert Arndt, editor, Saudi Aramco World. He says there are preliminary discussions underway about printed editions of the magazine in different languages, as well as possibly expanding the number of languages. Like Saudi Aramco itself, the magazine is on a journey to explore the full potential and brand power this publication brings to the organization. Translation is only the beginning.   (Visit the magazine online at  

Articles from the current Saudi Aramco World March/April edition online are now available in Chinese, as well as Spanish.  


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