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Volunteers Help Restore Oyster Reef

Heavy rainfalls in the Houston-Galveston region prompted employees, family and friends to revisit the Galveston Bay Foundation's Sweetwater Preserve to help restore the oyster reef along the shores of Sweetwater Lake in Galveston Bay. 
Recent rainfalls have impacted the water of Galveston Bay, resulting in extremely low salinity levels.   If the low salinity levels persist for long periods of time, oyster mortality may result because they are unable unable to feed or take in oxygen while their shells are closed.
Oyster reefs are vital in maintaining the Galveston Bay ecosystem.  Discarded oyster shells from local seafood restaurants have been collected and reused in oyster reef restoration projects around Galveston Bay. ASC has been a GBF partner for many years in this oyster shell recycling initiative and it has become a beloved program by the company’s active volunteer corps.  News of the large amounts of rain impacting the health of the oysters in the bay was a ‘call to action.’
“Getting involved in this initiative was a natural step for us because of Aramco’s commitment to preservation and protection of the environment,” said Jamal Khudair, Director of Public Affairs, ASC. “When we heard about the immediate need for help to maintain the oyster reefs, our employees were eager to jump in and make a difference.” 
A number of efforts have been launched over the past several years to restore Galveston Bay’s oyster reefs – including projects such as the oyster shell recycling program led by the Galveston Bay Foundation.


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