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ASC Hosts Gulf Coast Carbon Center Consortium

Nearly 30 attendees participated in the recent ASC-hosted Gulf Coast Carbon Center (GCCC) Consortium meeting held in Houston. They examined a wide range of issues related to carbon and using CO2 for enhanced oil recovery. Those involved in the consortium say the real benefit of the group is knowledge sharing and field testing.

Nearly 30 scientists and engineers participated in a recent Aramco Services Company-hosted Gulf Coast Carbon Center (GCCC) Consortium meeting held in Houston.

GCCC is part of the Bureau of Economic Geology -- which is based at The University of Texas at Austin -- and has a mission to help mitigate greenhouse gas emissions by researching and recommending technology solutions.

The meeting agenda focused on six themes related to carbon sequestration, which is the process of capture and storage of atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Participants evaluated future research directions, such as CO2 monitoring methods, how much carbon can be stored in reservoirs, subsurface geochemical reactions, and how CO2 can be used for enhanced oil recovery. Knowledge transfer is an ongoing activity of GCCC.

Aramco Services Company is a sponsor and participant in GCCC along with other leading energy companies and service providers.  The company's involvement shows its commitment to mitigate the impact of industrial activity worldwide, and also allows input into current and future research as well as insight into the latest carbon initiatives and best practices taking place in North America.


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