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Heritage celebration highlights Saudi Arabia

Heritage celebration highlights Saudi Arabia

HOUSTON - While U.S.- based Aramco Services Co. (ASC) supports Saudi Aramco and its affiliates through a wide range of services such as recruiting, procurement and logistics, engineering and other technical services, it also lends support to various community activities through its comprehensive Public Affairs program. 
One such event was a recent international fair held at St. Mark’s Episcopal School, a Houston-area private school for grades pre-school through eighth, where students sampled cultures from around the world.       

The international fair, called the “Heritage Celebration,” featured booths representing cultures from Argentina to Wales.

The school itself has a diverse student body, and reports that it currently has students from more than 18 different countries, including Saudi Arabia. 
With a son attending the school, Sadara project team member Esam M. Al-Eissa and his family joined in the effort to feature their homeland of Saudi Arabia. When the event was being planned, his daughter Ameera Al-Eissa and wife Mona Al-Dossary eagerly agreed to host a small booth reflecting the culture and people of Saudi Arabia. Joining them in the project was Hind Al-Abdullatif, the spouse of AbdulMalik Al-Dujain, another Sadara team member.
More than 300 students had the opportunity to visit the various booths.  One of the most popular “stops” was Saudi Arabia.  The booth featured a colorful array of artifacts, clothing and, of course, food. 
“They loved the food,” said Esam M. Al-Eissa.  “We had dates, Arabic coffee and tea, and balilah, a seasoned chick pea dish for students to taste.”  The popularity of the food was matched by the interest to read about the country.  ASC Public Affairs provided copies of Saudi Aramco World magazine plus calendars featuring Arabic calligraphy from around the world were snapped up quickly by students, parents, and school staff. 
It is this type of grassroots involvement that supports cultural bridging and shapes positive impressions of the country with today’s youth. For company employees and their families, it offers a chance to become ambassadors and educators for the day.

Ameera Al-Eissa, one of the hostesses of the Saudi Arabia booth and daughter of Sadara project team member Esam M. Al-Eissa, stops to pose for a picture with her brother Saud, who attends seventh grade at the school. 

web_720x340_IMG_0001-(1).JPGA small booth at a local school’s “Heritage Celebration” featuring Saudi Arabia was one of the most popular, featuring a colorful array of artifacts, clothing and, of course, food. 


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