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Foam Expo 2018: Converge Polyols

Visitors to this year’s Foam Expo learned about Aramco’s scale up of technology making Converge polyols market-ready to address consumer demand for products that perform well and have a sustainability feature.

Since its public debut last year, APM has attracted significant interest from major U.S. and global polyurethane manufacturers as well as fabricators and end-users looking for strong product performance with improved sustainability features.  Polyols are not new; however, these are not conventional polyols.
Aramco has been able to differentiate itself in the marketplace by creating them in an entirely new way.
Aramco uses a proprietary catalyst that takes waste carbon dioxide (CO2) as a main feedstock and combines it with propylene oxide to create a poly (propylene carbonate) polyol, a high performance polyurethane building block with a reduced carbon footprint. 

APM President Peter Shepard participates in panel discussion on opening day of Foam Expo looking at developments in the polycarbonate (CO2) polyols market for the polyurethane industry.
APM’s President Peter Shepard updated attendees on Converge® technology and product advances early March during opening day of the conference in a panel discussion “Evaluating Developments in the Polycarbonate (CO2) Polyols Market for the Polyurethane Industry.”  Shepard said that CO2 feedstock is a trend that will become common practice.  “Consumers are demanding that sustainable materials be incorporated into end-products.  Industry is responding by turning waste CO2 into profitable, commercially viable opportunities not only in polymers and polyols but in chemicals as well as other sectors such as fuels.”
Panelists discussed topics such as market trends and impact on the polyurethane foam industry, how regulations can promote the adoption of this technology and next steps in innovations incorporating sustainable CO2- based polyols.
Abdullah AlYahya, Commercial Director, APM, described Foam Expo as a great platform to showcase Converge technology.  “We had steady traffic from current and potential customers in a variety of market segments, such as automotive and furniture, and they all had one common goal:  enhanced performance.”   AlYahya said customers are searching for solutions to their unmet needs, and view Converge technology as a unique solution and a way to differentiate their products in the future.

Exhibition visitors learned about advances APM has made in furthering product performance characteristics, such as load bearing, strength or reduced noise, vibration and harshness in a number of different foam applications.  In the past year, APM has also been supporting new specialized applications for customers and refining its Converge manufacturing processes. 

Michael Nagridge, Global Technical Services Manager, APM, with foam samples made with Converge polyols.
Michael Nagridge, Global Technical Services Manager, APM, who focuses on bringing the technology to many applications and assisting customers developing new Converge applications, brought foam samples recently produced in commercial scale customer trials.  These samples demonstrated the durability, cushioning and/or isolation from noise and vibration benefits Converge technology brings to end-products in the foam industry.
APM has made advances in validating its products with customers in a number of applications, including flexible foam, rigid insulation foam for construction, industrial use, and appliances, and for CASE (coatings, adhesives, sealants, elastomers).

This second year of the conference doubled in size with more than 3,000 attendees.   Aramco served as one of the conference sponsors.  Converge illustrates Aramco’s continued commitment to chemicals innovation and expanding beyond commodity-based chemicals to value-added products and chemistry.      
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