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2014 Offshore Technology Conference

OTC 2013 in HoustonA strong presence at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) held annually in Houston highlights Saudi Aramco’s leadership in offshore exploration and production while communicating the diversification of Saudi Aramco’s business portfolio further down the petroleum value chain to refining and chemicals.

The annual Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) returns to Houston’s Reliant Park complex Monday May 5 with Aramco Services Company (ASC) and Saudi Aramco as leading participants.
Continuing its commitment to OTC, Saudi Aramco will be a corporate level sponsor for the Annual OTC dinner as well as exhibiting at Booth #5621 with ASC representatives in attendance. U.S.-based subsidiary ASC will have representatives from Staffing, R&D, Upstream and Procurement and Logistics (P&L)  Departments conducting presentations in the booth to showcase projects, technology, and R&D innovation designed to meet offshore E&P challenges.
Saudi Aramco’s innovation and environmental stewardship will be featured in a technical paper “Saudi Arabia’s Manifa Giant Offshore Field Development:  The Role of Technology” to be presented at 10:14 a.m., Monday, May 5 in Room 610 as part of the technical session “Field Development: Managing Economics and Risks.”
One of the largest oil fields in the world, Manifa has a unique design that took into account the fragile marine environment of Manifa Bay off the northeast coast of Saudi Arabia.  OTC participants can learn first-hand the approach taken to complete the project with cost efficiency and without compromising safety or the environment. 
Another Saudi Aramco paper titled “Innovative Positioning of Downhole Pressure Gauges Close to Perforations in HPHT Slim Well During A Drillstem Test” will be presented during the technical session “HP/HT Challenges,” at 10:14  a.m., Tuesday, May 6 in Room 604.
With Houston the location of one of the U.S.-based R&D centers,  featuring 50,000 square feet of office and state-of-the-art laboratory space and focusing on a variety of upstream challenges, the  45th annual OTC is a great venue for professional to hear about career opportunities and suppliers a chance to learn more about doing business with Saudi Aramco.  

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