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Society of Exploration Geophysicists 2014

The Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) will hold its International Exposition and 84th Annual Meeting October 26-31 in Denver -- where Aramco will serve as a titanium-level sponsor for the conference. 
As part of our commitment to knowledge sharing and collaboration, Aramco geophysicists will present more than a dozen papers, oral presentations and poster sessions.  Of special interest are:  ‘Elastic full waveform inversion on land data acquired with dispersed source arrays’ (Oct. 29), ‘Near surface changes and 4D seismic repeatability in desert environment: From days to years’ (Oct 29); ‘Time/amplitude warping based on multiscale optimization’ (Oct. 29), and ‘Massive integration of 3D EM, gravity and seismic data for deepwater subsalt imaging of the Red Sea’ (Oct. 30). For location and time check the conference schedule or stop by the Aramco booth.
In addition, an in-booth presentation will offer a view into Aramco’s recently launched global research program, which is pursuing original research and breakthrough achievements in technology development.  In the past eighteen months, three new research centers have been opened in the United States – in the Cambridge area of Boston across the street from MIT, the Energy Corridor of Houston, and the Novi suburb of Detroit.
While at SEG, Aramco is pleased to meet with fellow professionals at its exhibit booth and to discuss technology initiatives as well as opportunities for talented geophysicists to join our team.  

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See us at SEG 2014 at the Aramco booth (#738).

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