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URTeC 2016: Accelerating Unconventional Progress

Aramco will participate in the technical program with several papers offering a look at shale gas reservoirs and fracturing in Saudi Arabia as well as unconventional research taking place between the Aramco Research Center—Houston with The University of Oklahoma and University of Louisiana at Lafayette. 

Aramco’s presence as a Diamond Sponsor brings an international dimension to the conference and gives attendees not only a look at the shale landscape in North America but also Saudi Arabia’s  unconventional landscape.

Aramco has an ambitious unconventional gas program with the company aiming to double its gas supplies over the decade from frontier basins.  Professionals in Saudi Arabia are working with the source rocks and tight reservoirs that are associated with the largest oil and gas fields in the world. 

Multidisciplinary teams made up of geologists, geophysicists, petrophysicists, reservoir engineers and professionals with drilling and production experience are working to accelerate Aramco’s unconventional exploration and production process. 
See the technical program for details on the papers being presented by Aramco and visit the exhibition stand #815.

With the challenging business environment for unconventional operators, looking at advances in new technologies and techniques to sharpen the economic costs of drillings are critical. 

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