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HOUSTON – With Aramco Services Co. (ASC) supporting the 2012 Women’s Global Leadership Conference in Energy & Technology in Houston last week as a major sponsor, Saudi Aramco Reservoir Engineer Tasneem Talal AlSharif participated in a panel discussion titled “Challenges Facing Young Professionals.”  
AlSharif joined a panel of three other women along with a moderator to discuss the challenges facing them as young professionals in the energy industry striving to balance work-life issues successfully. 
As the conversation began, what quickly became clear was that there were more similarities rather than differences between all the panelists.  The overriding concerns were:  1. gaining a seat at the table to contribute to an organization effectively, 2. growing in terms of personal and professional confidence, 3. recognizing you have to give up some control because ‘you can’t do it all’ and 4. having a mentor in the workplace to provide you with advice and counsel.  
“What I found fascinating was that everyone shares the same challenges,” said AlSharif.   
To this last point, panelists agreed that they are challenged on many fronts to not only be a good employee but also a good wife and a good mother.  That is not easy to accomplish, and what truly matters at the end of the day, said one panelist, is maintaining a proper perspective and remembering that family is what matters most. 
For AlSharif, the youngest of the panelists and also a woman from Saudi Arabia, there was a great deal of interest in her accomplishments and the supportive role Saudi Aramco has played in her career development. 

During the question and answer session, she told an audience of 700 men and women about her studies at the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering.  She also talked about her work as a production engineer working for Saudi Aramco’s EXPEC Advanced Research Center and now at the company’s Gas Reservoir Management Department where she is a reservoir engineer managing two satellite fields.
AlSharif also explained her role in a team that founded Qudwa, an affinity group that was launched in April 2012 to be a catalyst in the development of a diverse, productive corporate environment that capitalizes on the unique qualities existing among men and women by encouraging dialogue and open discussions.  The group is also constructing a mentoring program for young women.  
Since joining Saudi Aramco two years ago, AlSharif has taken part in campaigns to promote careers in petroleum engineering to high school girls.  This initiative parallels many programs in the United States to generate interest in math, science and engineering disciplines among young girls. 
AlSharif said the experience was amazing and she enjoyed listening to the stories of other women and how they approach the challenges they face daily. 

Tasneem Talal AlSharif participated in the 2012 Women’s Global Leadership Conference in Energy & Technology held in Houston by serving on a panel titled "Challenges Facing Young Professionals."


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