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ASC Procurement & Logistics (P&L) sources and coordinates delivery of high-quality materials and services to support Saudi Aramco’s operations and projects. Our supply chain management team, which includes sourcing, logistics, and contracting specialists, works to ensure the highest standards of ethical conduct are maintained in all their operations.

Materials Procurement
P&L procures materials for Saudi Aramco from an established roster of existing suppliers. The team’s efforts are aimed at finding cost-effective quality products, with on-time delivery.   

ASC also manages a sourcing program to identify and register Americas-based manufacturers of products where additional suppliers are requested.  

The Logistics team at ASC oversees the shipment of all materials. This includes ensuring proper control of the materials to the point of embarkation, negotiating shipping contracts, negotiating freight rates, operating the cargo terminal, and overseeing compliance with both U.S. and Saudi import-export regulations.

ASC Contracting procures North America-sourced services. Services encompass various types of technical agreements for engineering, project management, and upstream and downstream research. The scope of services being procured also extends to other areas, including public affairs, career development, and professional consultation relating to finance and human resources.

Travel & Effects
The Travel & Effects team handles employee moves and also operates a corporate travel agency for employees, company-sponsored students and new hires internationally and domestically.

Strategic Sourcing and Projects
Strategic Sourcing and Projects is key to the procurement process which adds value by improving and reevaluating the purchasing activities. The United States is a major supply market for Saudi Aramco and Strategic Sourcing and Projects will aid in assessing the market, identifying new suppliers and developing better sourcing strategies that focus on demand and supply issues, and minimizing risks and costs. This is done by identifying manufacturing facilities for critical materials, creating enterprise leveraging agreements and lending subject matter expert consulting services to Saudi Aramco projects and joint ventures.
    For Suppliers
    For Suppliers

    In addition to managing relationships with current suppliers, we seek new partners interested in fulfilling sourcing needs.

    Register a Product or Plant
    Register a Product or Plant

    If your company is able to provide one of the products on our list, we invite you to register today.