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Our Engineering division applies its expertise to the development of transformational downstream technology as well as standards that contribute to operational safety, reliability and efficiency.  Its work is intended to directly enhance Saudi Aramco’s downstream activities and the industry as a whole through collaboration and knowledge sharing. 

Transformational Technology
This activity contributes to Saudi Aramco’s accelerated transformation program and supports the innovation culture of Saudi Aramco through energy research and technology development in downstream operations.  This includes support for the company’s research center program in the United States.
Technology Development
ASC engineers in this division actively monitor industry developments, identifying and helping advance proven and emerging technologies. This is achieved through partnerships with service companies and academia as well as participation in joint industry task forces focused on finding solutions to specific energy challenges. 
Engineering Standards Development
Our engineers also serve on several national and international standards-development committees—such as the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the International Society of Automation (ISA), the American Petroleum Institute (API) and the Construction Industry Institute (CII)—where they help develop consensus-based industry best practices, rules and regulations. In addition to crafting standards alongside others, serving on these committees enhances the knowledge we bring to assisting Saudi Aramco’s standards review committees and the development and implementation of new company-specific guidelines.
Downstream Research and Development
We also explore advances in oil and gas processing and refining. By participating in various joint industry task forces and research committees, we share our expertise and gain insight into evolving practices.
Additional Engineering Services
This division is also involved in:
  • overseeing the development and administration of selected contracts executed in North America;
  • conducting and coordinating special studies as requested by Saudi Aramco;
  • collaborating with universities on research; and
  • representing Saudi Aramco on national and international trade organizations and committees. 
    Our Research Centers
    Our Research Centers

    Our research centers are helping advance our parent company’s transformation program, as well as finding solutions through collaboration to industry challenges.