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Our Environmental Services unit assures compliance and response for marine activities in support of Saudi Aramco’s shipping business, Vela International Marine Limited. The unit serves as part of Saudi Aramco’s Global Oil Spill Response Team, and its activities include oil spill preparedness, tanker inspection services, and partnering with industry organizations to uphold and improve standards. The unit also monitors regulatory compliance and contributes to the development of environmental standards through participation in professional and governmental organizations. 
In addition to marine services, the unit provides expertise in the management of unplanned events and handles activities to assure ASC’s business continuity during weather events and other emergencies.  Specialized skills are aligned with models developed by the U.S. government for inter-agency and corporate joint response to emergencies, and involve this team’s training and certification to established standards.
Safety and Environmental Standards
ASC actively participates in discussions on environmental standards and compliance related to marine shipping and lightering. Our involvement with the American Petroleum Institute (API), the Industry Task Force on Offshore Lightering (ITOL) and other industry groups enables us to participate in the development of safe effective standards and to ensure full compliance.