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ASC’s Inspection Unit ensures the quality of materials and products procured in the Americas for Saudi Aramco. This includes equipment purchased for joint ventures and project teams. The unit also conducts quality evaluations of manufacturers and suppliers. 
Quality Assurance / Supplier Qualification
Our inspection process includes evaluating vendors. ASC conducts a quality assessment survey of new suppliers' programs and product samples, and follows up with periodic reevaluations to ensure established standards are met. 
Quality Control / Product Inspection
ASC verifies the quality of all purchased products through inspection at the source, and by commissioning third-party inspectors. We also maintain up-to-date specifications for all needed materials. 
Quality Monitoring / Inspection Assessment 
Our Inspection Unit regularly assesses the quality control procedures of suppliers, a process called Quality Monitoring. We verify inspection activities at the supplier’s manufacturing facility, using previously agreed upon criteria.