Aramco Services Company

SEG 2015 Technical Presentations

Society of Exploration Geophysicists
October 18-23, 2015, New Orleans, LA
Ernest N. Morial Convention Center | Booth #2235

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We are pleased to be part of the technical program at SEG 2015 and invite you to learn more about our approach to technology at our paper presentations and the sessions we are chairing.

Oral Presentations

Monday, October 19th

3:10 p.m. |  Room 217/218/219
Bring geophysics closer to the reservoir: A new paradigm in reservoir characterization and monitoring
Andrey Bakulin, Michael Jervis, Daniele Colombo, Constantine Tsingas and Yi Luo, Saudi Aramco

Tuesday, October 20th

9:20 a.m. |  Room 208
Anisotropy and D2B estimates from directional resistivity tool
Teruhiko Hagiwara, Aramco Services Company; Pedro Anguiano- Rojas, Consultant INT

11 a.m. |  Room 208
VTI, angle-dependent imaging of 3D PP and PS borehole seismic  data
Mohammad Albannagi, John Owusu, Saudi Aramco; Bouchaib El-Marhfoul and Dirk Verschuur, Delft University of Technology

2:20 p.m.  |  Room 220
Correcting for nonrepeatable sources signatures in 4D seismic with buried receivers: Virtual source case study from Saudi Arabia
Dmitry Alexandrov and Boris Kashtan, Saint Petersburg State University; Andrey Bakulin, Saudi Aramco; Joost van der Neut, Delft University of Technology, Delphi Consortium

Wednesday, October 21st

11:25 a.m.  |  Room 214
An imaging perspective of low rank seismic data interpolation and denoising
Weichang Li and Yang Zhao, Aramco Research Center - Houston

1:55 p.m. |  Room 220
Invertible radon transform for making true-amplitude angle gathers
Hongwei Liu and Yi Luo, Saudi Aramco

2:20 p.m.  |  Room 224
Super-resolution multigeophysics imaging of a complex wadi for near-surface corrections
Daniele Colombo, Gary McNeice, Diego Rovetta, Ersan Turkoglu, Armando Sena, Ernesto Sandoval-Curiel, Federico Miorelli and Taqi Yousuf,  Saudi  Aramco

3:10 p.m. |  Room 221
Crosswell electromagnetic induction between two widely spaced horizontal wells: Coiled-tubing conveyed data collection and 3D inversion from a carbonate reservoir in Saudi Arabia
Alberto Marsala and Stig Lyngra, Saudi Aramco; Muhammad Safdar, Ping Zhang, and Michael Wilt, Schlumberger

4 p.m. | Room 224
3D inversion practice for crosswell electromagnetic surveys in horizontal wells in Saudi Arabia
Alberto Marsala, Saudi Aramco; Ping Zhang and Michael Wilt, Schlumberger

8:30 a.m. – 11:25 a.m.  |  Room 208
BG2 Borehole Geophysics 2
Session Chairmen: Ali Mese, Geomechanics Engineering & Research and Terry Hagiwara, Aramco Services Company

Thursday, October 22nd

8:55 a.m. | Room 209
Detection and characterization capabilities of time/amplitude warping
Hyoungsu Baek and Timothy Keho, Aramco Research Center - Houston

9:45 a.m. | Room 222
Improving prestack land data using smart supergrouping
Pavel Golikov, Maxim Dmitriev, Andrey Bakulin and Rienk Lakeman, Saudi Aramco; Dmitry Neklyudov, Institute of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics

10:10 a.m. | Room 207
Fast generalized multiscale FEM for complex media: Effortless  modeling  of  topography  and  heterogeneity
Mikhail Artemyev and Richard L. Gibson Jr.,Texas A&M University; Hyoungsu Baek, Aramco Research Center - Houston

10:35 a.m. | Room 221
Controlled noise seismology
Sherif Hanafy, Cairo University; Abdullah Altheyab, Saudi Aramco; Gerard Schuster, KAUST

10:35 a.m. | Room 209
A new virtual source redatuming procedure to improve land 4D repeatability
Yang Zhao and Roy Burnstad, Aramco Research Center - Houston

11:25 a.m. | Room 209
A model-based warping method for 4D event characterization
Hyoungsu Baek and Timothy Keho, Aramco Research Center - Houston


Monday, October 19th

3:35 p.m. | Room 225
Deghosting 4D buried land sensor data using multicomponent wavefield separation
Hong Liang and Timothy Keho, Aramco Research Center - Houston

Tuesday, October 20th

3:35 p.m. |  Exhibit Hall F
Super-resolution stacking based on compressive sensing
Yue Ma, Weihong Zhu, Yi Luo, and Panos Kelamis, Saudi Aramco

Wednesday, October 21st

4 p.m.  |  Room 229
Double-Time difference for time-lapse seismic reservoir monitoring
Youli Quan, Roy Burnstad and Timothy Keho, Aramco Research Center - Houston

4:25 p.m.  |  Room 229
Use of early arrivals for 4D analysis and processing of buried receiver data on land
Andrey Bakulin, Rob Smith, and Michael Jervis, Saudi Aramco; Roy Burnstad, Aramco Research Center - Houston


Friday, October 23rd

8:30 a.m. – 12 p.m.  |  Room 214
W-17: De-primary-removing negative effects of seismic reflections
Tong Fei, Saudi Aramco; Mike Fehler, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Sergey Fomel, University of Texas; Mihai Popovici, Z-Terra Inc.; and Tijmen Jan Moser, Utrecht University