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"Global companies rely heavily on information technology, so the projects I work on are strategic and meaningful. It is never boring."


"Someone interested in working at ASC should know that the subject areas and issues you face will continue to challenge you as the company’s business activities evolve.  It keeps life interesting!"


"The quality and integrity of the people I work with is exceptional.  Aramco is an industry trendsetter and the company cares for you as an individual and is committed to your well-being." 


"I find the work and working for the company compelling. I enjoy the fast pace and the interesting variation of tasks and challenges, all of which combine to create a rewarding professional experience."






"It’s just not your ordinary company. You feel a part of something really big. I’ve had a chance to travel and assist with conferences worldwide." 


"Most satisfying for me at ASC is solving challenges and making it happen."  


"The culture at ASC is very diversified and welcoming."


"I am constantly engaged in challenging and interesting work.  The caliber of people at ASC are far above any other company I’ve worked for.  I love the people I work with."